5 more minutes

Five more minutes poster When Moon and Stars are shining in your eyes
Then I will sing to you a lullaby
The day is over now it’s time for bed
But with five More Minutes we can play instead?

5 More Minutes is a funny and magical show about bedtime for children and their grown-ups, in which we’ll explore the fun, frustration and fantasy that can be had in that magical time between awake and asleep. Real world play will blur with the magic of dreams as we all try to settle down and finally get ready to say goodnight and go to sleep… unless that is, we can have 5 More Minutes!?

5 More Minutes is an interactive family show with a playful performance style, live music and puppetry/object manipulation and is aimed at children ages 3-6 and their families.

The show has a limited capacity of 45 people per performance (children + adults – babes in arms go not counted in capacity)

Warning: In a child’s imagination 5 More Minutes can last forever! But this pay has a running time of approx. 50 minutes.

Where Caterpillars Go
Follow an inquisitive caterpillar into a beautiful and tactile garden where together we'll explore life, growth, wonder and loss through live music and playful movement in this fun and visually striking show.
Remember Remember

Where Caterpillars Go is a thoughtful look at the cycle of life, explored within a garden where almost everything is made from paper. Watch seeds fly, fall and sprout, and shoots spiral and uncurl. Chase leaves and butterflies as they flutter by in this lively garden that pops up before your eyes!

The show has a limited capacity of 60 people per performance (children + adults) which creates an intimate and magical experience for each audience member. The show lasts approx. 45 minutes, which includes an interactive play session and can be programmed for up to 3 performances per day. The show is recommended for children under 5. The show is suitable for theatres, schools, community settings and many other types of venue.

Creative Team

Choreographer: Jennifer Hale
Writer: Alison Down
Musical Director: Joe Hirons
Designer: Laura Brownhill
Lighting Designer: Phil Saunders
Director: Julie Kellington
Performers: Andy Frizell, Emma Hirons, Leila Chebbi

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Remember Remember
A red hood... A glass slipper... Two little elves & a big bad wolf... In a world of forbidden stories and forgotten fairytales, can you help put the pieces back together and perhaps discover a story of your own?
Remember Remember

A magical, interactive experience for 4-7 year olds, combining original music, animation and play. Enter the world under the watchful eye of The Grand Master Time-keeper and play your part in this exciting adventure.

“Remember Remember is a thought-provoking piece of theatre which stimulates the imagination of KS1 children. It is another medium with which to support children’s learning and provide them with rich vocabulary and storytelling skills with which to inspire them.”
Helen Jones, Primary School Teacher

Creative Team

Dramaturge: Lucy Fiori
Set/Costume Design: Gillian Smith
Original Music: Samantha Yates
Animation: Gareth Houghton
Set Maker: Julian Taylor
Performers: Emma Hirons, Leila Chebbi

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